Insect control

At Tyne Tees Pest Control we are highly trained and experienced to get rid of any insects. From wasps to bed bugs we will get rid of your pests.

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Rodent control

We use high-grade poisons in all of our procedures and ensure to exterminate whatever your problem may be. Supplying our own Rodent boxes which look professional and tidy in any workplace.

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Bird control


Bird control is one of our biggest assets, on small and large scales. With over 25 years of experience in this sector, our skills have been utilized within football stadiums and huge commercial buildings.


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Our message

At Tyne Tees Pest Control we are here to help. All of our staff are experienced with years in this industry.

One of our key components is taking care of customers and ensuring that they are safe. All you need to do is fill in the contact form or give us a ring via the contact us page.

We are based in Newcastle and the northeast but travel all over the country. Tyne Tees Pest Control will travel as far as we need to ensure our customers are satisfied and that we maintain a good relationship.



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